Email Monitoring

Most of the businesses today are connected to their audience either via websites or directly by emails. Emails for businesses are basically the heart of creating personal relations with the clients and understanding their needs. If an organization faces troubles with their inbound and outbound emails, they are losing a lot of opportunitites. Let us look at the few benefits of monitoring the email system in order to have a better functioning marketing plan.

Tracking the storage and tranfer of files

Email monitoring can provide the right information on how much space the emails are taking and where they are providing a lot of traffic. It can also help in tracking where there is an unnecessary back and forth transmission of data or if there are bigger size files getting transferred instead of textual emails. It is a way to keep track of companies policies on using email practices.

Map the communication

Map the communication between business and clients

Email monitoring can also help in tracking the emails which have resulted in creating better traffic. This can help in creating reports on the key communication channels in order to speed up the process. Sometimes the clients who receive the mails also play an important part in promoting your email. Monitoring the path of email can help you find out the potential clients whom you can benefit in order to gain their complete trust.

Ensure that business emails are used for their purpose

While business emails are only meant for doing business, people often use them to login into several websites where they do not want to provide their personal information. By such practices, business emails can get in the hands of people who can use it against the benefits of the organization. Email monitoring can track such employees who use business emails for their personal reasons in order to prevent any potential problems.


Finding sinkhole accounts

There are many email accounts which are not being used actively by anyone, and a lot of inboxes are desserted. But these accounts are still open to accepting emails. So it becomes pointless to send emails to such dead accounts. Email monitoring can help in tracking such accounts and filter them out, so the future emails are sent only to the accounts which have been noted as active. This not only creates better leads, but it also eases the work of the organization by avoiding non responsive emails.

Protecting intellectual property

The email security gateway needs to make sure that there is no data leakage while sending and receiving mails. There can be instances when the transfer of data from business accounts to private accounts store the cached data in the systems which can be later accesses by others who use the system. Email monitoring can ensure that the IP of your systems are protected and any exchange of information gets recorded for analyzing and recording purposes.