Secure Email Gateway

Email security gateways are meant to monitor the organization’s email traffic to and from the clients and protect it form any malware practices as well as viruses. The email security gateways are the products which are meant to deal with the malware, phishing attacks, and spams to make the emails secure and protected from any information leakage. Many information gateway needs and services provide a solution to almost every need of an organization as a part of the email security gateway. The organization should develop a set of criteria to answer for each evaluated product as well as their service and the experience they provide. For this, they require direct communication through emails which are protected by good security so no third party can access the data.

Advance security fuctions

Every organization today needs security which can protect them from bad emails containing malware, phishing attempts and spams. The email security gateways today offer many advanced antiviruses, antispas and antiphishing technologies. Snadboxing is one of the new technologies that has been introduced by the security gateways to take better antivirus measures which utilize up-to-date inrelligence. Threat intelligence is the information collected by security based on the previous threats and to use it as an experience to prevent further harmful domains.

Email secure

Management features

There are several features which the email security gateway can offer. There are basic security features which offers data loss prevention (DLP) and email encryption capabilities for outgoing emails. Many of the organisations have DLP and email encryption capabilities of their own. But others have to purchase these additional features, which are available today at an affordable price range. These features can be customized according to the needs of an organization for managing their processes and administration dashboards. The need for custom security gateway features also makes the organisaitions have a flexible security plan compared to those who pay for the limited services. This has imapacted email security to a much more advanced level.

External System

Some email security gateway systems offer cloud based services which allow the businesses to store their data online. It provides the option of securing the data over the cloud storage so that any malfunctioning of systems inside the organization will not affect the important data. Transferring email through an external server also introduces unacceptable risks for some organisations, particularly to the email messages. This could cause the security gateway vendor to access sensitive data. If the vendor is compromised, the data is also at the risk of getting corrupted.

There is a need for proper research over the email security gateway to understanding its importance as well as to find out the best email security gateways from the vendo servers which can provide the necessary services at an affordable price for all kind of organisations.